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IPT Law provides advocacy services drawing upon Paul Norris-Ongso’s experience as a barrister at the Victorian Bar in all court jurisdictions and at all levels.  Paul Norris-Ongso has appeared in the superior and Appellate courts of Queensland, Tasmania and Victoria as well as in the Full Federal Court.

Since 1997 Paul has been appearing as an advocate in general commercial, intellectual property & technology, migration, administrative law and criminal matters in courts and tribunals ranging from VCAT up to the Court of Appeal.

Paul Norris-Ongso


+61 459 262 221

Since 2007 IPT Law has been providing legal services and advice to clients in all jurisdictions of Australia and to some foreign clients. Paul draws upon his 14 years of experience as a lawyer and 10 years experience in the Royal Australian Air Force and defence industry.
  • Paul is a great guy. Very friendly and very helpful. Will always recommend him to others definitely. He will get back to your email immediately when he saw your email and he always follow up with you to make sure everything is sorted.
    Andry & Kenny
  • Paul enabled us to achieve our dreams by helping us bring our babies home. We had twins born through surrogacy in America and Paul explained everything we needed to do and helped us every step of the way. He was always contactable and went out of his way to make it happen as smoothly as possible. They are now 9 months old and both American and Australian citizens. Thank you Paul for making our family complete!
    Ed & Jess
  • Mr & Mrs D
    Paul Norris-Ongso's experience, skill and knowledge in the highly complicated area of International Commercial Surrogacy, not only helped us to complete our required paperwork, it made our whole experience so much more relaxed.  We felt secure knowing that we had a professional to assist us with every step required for the legalities in our state, which is a huge relief as you navigate the often confusing world of International Commercial Surrogacy.
    Mr & Mrs D
  • Chris
    Surrogacy is a daunting experience. As intended parents, you have so much to worry about as there is so much uncertainty and you want to make sure everything you do is legitimate and appropriate so that you can bring the child back with full entitlement. A solicitor who is competent, capable, responsible, empathetic, understanding your needs and requirements, and willing to advise you where appropriate will relieve you from all the worries to minimise the uncertainty. Paul is just that right legal advisor you need in your surrogacy journey. His role in reviewing all the legal contracts, advising the regulatory compliance is pivotal and is a safeguard of your successful surrogacy journey.

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